Intelligent Text Generation

Get a Complete, Accurate Note With Very Little Effort!

Intelligent Text Generation is the process that utilizes the universe of available data to anticipate how you would document a particular visit.  It takes into account the patient’s medical history, the provider’s trends and preferences as well as unique configuration settings.  Combined, it provides an immediate starting point that is tailored to the patient, provider, and type of appointment – a starting point from which it takes only a few clicks to thoroughly document an HPI, Review of Systems, Physical Exam, and Assessment and Plan.

Unlike “template-based” systems, it does not simply copy and paste a “blob” of text that requires significant editing.

This process significantly reduces time and clicks required of a physician to document a visit.  It makes it possible for providers to complete their note in the exam room while improving doctor-patient interaction.  With the exception of detailed histories, it eliminates the need for speech recognition or excessive typing.

Through the use of intelligence, MedPointe allows you to spend your time with your patients, not with a computer.

Less clicks is better!